EC-MAP Releases White Paper “New Policy for an Era of Energy Digitalization: Power.”


October 17, 2018


Washington, DC – The Energy Consumer Market Alignment Project (EC-MAP), a non-profit that aligns public policy with digital technologies and drives greater transparency, fair competition, and consumer choice, today releases a white paper “New Policy for an Era of Energy Digitalization: Power” at an event featuring Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Commissioners and leading power sector participants.

The power focused white paper details the revolutions occurring in our energy system due to technology and innovation, in particular three key trends: decentralization, connectivity, and automation. The paper encourages the evaluation of existing policies designed decades ago for a different kind of electricity system by posing key questions: Do our current energy policies create barriers to innovation? How can policies be designed with the necessary flexibility to enable the adoption of emerging and not yet imagined digital technologies? And how can policy and regulation ease society’s transition to an era of energy digitalization? The white paper provides a framework for how energy digitalization can enable bottom-up change that enables consumers to play a more significant role in meeting their energy needs and driving goals around cost, sustainability, and efficiency.

“The era of energy digitalization, dominated by crosscutting digital tools and platforms, requires an evaluation and a re-framing of energy governance,” EC-MAP’s Founder and Executive Director Tom Hassenboehler said. “EC-MAP is building wide support among stakeholders from different political parties and geographies and aims to develop roadmaps to align policy with a digital energy future. Our focus is bringing together diverse opinions to build policy consensus that benefits energy consumers, the economy, and the environment.”

The power event features government regulators discussing the role of federal and state regulation in regards to emerging power sector digitalization as well as power sector stakeholders showcasing activities to align policy with a digital energy future. Speakers at the event include Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioners Neil Chatterjee and Richard Glick and Public Service Commission of D.C. Commissioner Willie Phillips as well as power sector experts from Energy Web Foundation, Sempra Energy, Arcadia Power, National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates, and S2C Pacific.

In this era of energy digitalization, EC-MAP challenges stakeholders to consider a different future—one where digital innovations enable consumers to express preferences that drive markets—and where policy plays a more limited and nuanced role. EC-MAP is focused on engaging stakeholders around the issues and questions we believe are critical to building the policy and regulatory architectures necessary to unlock digital technologies.

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Contact Information:

Tom Hassenboehler, Executive Director


About EC-MAP:

The Energy Consumer Market Alignment Project (EC-MAP) is a Washington, DC non-profit operating in collaboration with the Keystone Policy Center, an independent nonprofit founded in 1975 to drive actionable, shared solutions to contentious policy issues. We envision an energy future where digital technologies drive greater transparency, fair competition, and consumer choice—and where policy enables innovation instead of creating market barriers.

EC-MAP seeks to work with stakeholders to advance knowledge and associated policy mechanisms to accelerate the era of energy digitalization. Our goal is to enable a critical dialogue around identification of policy barriers and the future role of government to promote free and fair market competition and build policy consensus that benefits energy consumers, the economy, and the environment.

EC-MAP was founded by Executive Director Tom Hassenboehler and is supported by a Policy and Digital Advisory Board chaired by former Special Assistant to the President for Domestic Energy and Environmental Policy Michael Catanzaro. Hassenboehler, also a founding partner of the Coefficient Group, was the Chief Counsel for Energy and Environment for the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee and Counsel on the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.